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Welcome to the Manic, Media Mayhem of Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer 2 Hell & Back! Enjoy Bob's wacky and quirky podcasts and videos that seek to get you to improve the quality of your life TODAY!

Nov 5, 2017

This video discusses my latest book: Healing, It Ain't for Wimps.

In my new book, I share with you the awesome power of making the bold and brave decision to:

  • get your head out of your ass and 
  • your ass off of the couch 

then start healing the fit hits the shan moments of your life 'cause Healing, It Ain't for Wimps!

When the world kicks you in the balls and leaves you for dead on the highway to Hell, its easy to give-up and choose to not heal. Welcome to a life full of pain and regret. Or heal. Get your head out of your ass and ass off of the couch and get busy living again. The choice is up to you!

Ready to get started? Buy my book NOW!