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Pirate Radio for Mental Wellness

May 17, 2024

On today’s quick shout-out, Bob discusses how I, Me and My are the keys to being heard and listened to, that is of course, that’s what you want when you communicate with someone.

Bob is a licensed clinical professional counselor and improvisational comedy graduate of Chicago’s famed Player’s Workshop of the Second City.  He makes healing and counseling fun, entertaining, and educational.

Behavioral Health Espresso is part of Marauder Radio, Pirate Radio for Mental Wellness, is a roller-coaster ride of mental health & wellness ideas, a treasure trove of inspirational rants from a guy’s perspective, and witty and satirical lampooning of the psychological industry ‘Merica. Bob’s HOOYA (Head Out Of Your Ass) humor therapy encourages all to engage in a cranium-rectum extraction and then get busy having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer.